In a world in which the individual is increasingly put under pressure, in which the dominant values are profit, success and image, inspiring evolution has set itself the goal of bringing more humanity back into everyday life.

The method is to reactivate everyone’s human competencies, reactivate their essence, passions and resources. This enables a coherent realization of one’s own values and identity and consequently a fulfilled and harmonious life to live.


Individual personal development sessions

Life coaching sessions

Topic-specific work (number of sessions is fixed depending on the complexity of the topic)

Calling unconscious aspects into consciousness
• Self-Confidence
Strengthen own resources
Conflict resolution
Support during separation and divorce process
Professional/Job development
• Tarot ZEN/Tarot de Marseille (no divination)

 Various group workshops

Various topics are proposed

Being and Consciousness / Collage and Consciousness Workshop
Art and madness
The woman, her place, her guilty feelings
Nature walk – stimulation of the senses

Ease and humor – back to light-heartedness
Company retreats 

Tailor-made workshops according to specific needs | Family constellations and rituals


sabrina pavone

Like most people, I did not follow my real passions and inspirations from the start, although I have always been fascinated by the spiritual world. Parallel to my media and communication specialist job, I decided in 2009 to actively dedicate myself to personal development. After training in neurolinguistic programming, I was certified as an NLP master with European accreditation EANLPT (European Association for Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy / European Association for Psychotherapy) at Institut Ressources in Belgium. Then I completed other specialized modules such as life coaching, NLP in companies, the art of metaphor, family constellations and rituals. My new professional skills, which I have been able to use over the past five years to implement my inspring evolution project, have influenced and changed my vision of everyday life. Then a friend gave me tarot zen cards (not divination) and I started using them as a playful way to bring up and examine certain unconscious aspects of everyday life. For me, life means exchanging ideas and developing yourself in everyday life together. I believe in the humane side in every person and their ability to empathy, resilience and intelligence of the heart. Freedom, tolerance, respect and love are values ​​that support me in everyday life. My feelings and my experience flow together in the creation of inspring evolution.

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